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As you can probably guess, a lot of our clients are people who’ve outgrown their homes and are looking for something bigger. And we’re happy to help by giving them a house with a lot of room and then some! However, once you move into a spacious house, it’s very easy to slip into the habit of accumulating more stuff. After all: “it’s way bigger than the last one” and “there’s no way we can fill this many rooms!”

Pretty soon it leads to one of two outcomes:

  • You end up wanting to move to a bigger house yet again.
  • The crew from Hoarders knocks on your door and asks if they can film an episode about you.

That’s why we recommend you channel your inner Marie Kondo and follow these Spring Cleaning tips and tricks – not just in spring, but all year round.

The F.A.S.T. way to declutter.

Letting go of childhood items or sentimental belongings can be difficult. We totally get it. But at the same time, a cluttered house can really affect your mood and, as a result, your health: We know for a fact that a messy room can feel claustrophobic and cause anxiety, and, in turn, that will make you less inclined to jump on the exercise bike (which is currently functioning as a clothes-hanger).

There’s a technique that’s been floating around on the internet called F.A.S.T. decluttering and it’s a simple effective way to keep on top of clutter:

F is for Fixed Day:Set aside one day a week for your family to really clean up around the house.

A is for Analyse: Take an analytical look at everything in your house and look at it through the lens of “have I used this in 12-months?” If the answer’s “no” skip to the fourth letter of this acronym and turf it.

S is Someone Else’s Stuff: DVD box sets you borrowed before Netflix became a thing. Neighbours’ power tools. Books. It’s amazing how many things you’ll find in your house that don’t belong to you. Now’s the time to say goodbye to them.

T is for Turf It: We know it’s not a very ‘now’ thing to say in an age where we’re supposed to be minimising waste, however: throw stuff away and fill your bin up.

If you don’t love something, set it free…

Now, this may seem a bit reductive (but this is all about reducing your clutter, so that’s probably a good thing): if an object isn’t displayed in your home, worn more than ten times a year or hasn’t been used in 12-months, then it’s clutter and you should turf it out. But that doesn’t necessarily mean a trip to the big wheely-bin in the sky. Here’s some other options:

  • Can you give it to a friend or family member who’ll get use out of it ?
  • Can the item be turned into a craft project? For example T-shirts can be turned into quilts. Old record covers can be turned into artworks by framing them.
  • If you want to keep a memory of the item, but not have it take up space in your house, why not take a picture: it lasts longer!

And of course, if you want to feel even better about decluttering, give all those extra things you don’t use to charity. There’s women’s shelters, schools, libraries and organisations like the Salvation Army that would probably really appreciate some of those items.

Happy cleaning!

We hope these tips and tricks makes your home a less cluttered place to live. And if you’re still feeling a little hesitant, just think about all the cool new things you’ll be able to fill your house with!



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