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How to design a trendy kid’s room

No longer just a place to sleep, kids’ rooms have become a space to express your child’s individuality and personality. When it comes to designing a child’s room, only your – and their – imagination is the limit to creating a space that is uber cool and where they can dream, play and learn.

Toddlers, school-age kids and teens all have different needs so it is essential tocreate a flexible space that can grow with them. With careful planning and clever choices, you can design a room that is not only beautiful and practical but one that will last years to come.

Let’s get started!

Make a plan

Have a clear vision before getting started. Consider the room’s layout and how to best maximise the space to create zones for sleep, play or doing homework. Be sure to balance creativity and style with function. Create an inspiration board, using resources like Instagram and Pinterest, to help find a style that resonates with you both. This is a fun way to get your child involved and to connect with the choices made.

Pick a theme

Choosing a theme is as limitless as your child’s imagination. Let the hobbies, interests or activities your child loves to inspire the concept. You can draw from movie characters, sports, unicorns, superheroes, princesses, dinosaurs, or go with the on-trend jungle theme. Don’t be afraid to go all out on the theme, and own it!

Add colour and playful details

Paint is one of the easiest and economical ways to change the look and feel of a room. Don’t limit yourself to white on white. Instead, draw on the theme to bring in a pop of colour. Wall decals are also a great way of adding interest with animals, education or personalising with their name. Both options are practical too as they can easily be changed out when your child grows up. And, it doesn’t have to be novelty and fun, it’s okay to pare-back and use a stylish wall covering that will withstand time.

Select furniture that will stand the test of time

Furniture is likely to be your biggest investment, so make it work hard for space. These days there are so many classic furniture options that will endure time, and see your child from youngster through to teen. Invest in multi-functional pieces that maximise space, like beds with concealed features that can double-up as storage or have a pull-out trundle bed for when their friends come to stay. Opt for functional desks and side-tables that can add extra storage to the room.

White bedroom

Add Layers

Build layers of interest with texture and colour through linens, throw pillows, rugs and attractive baskets for storage. Don’t be afraid to add in a fun dimension by channelling your child’s favourite activity and adding an interactive element like a climbing wall or arts and crafts space.

Lighten up

Often overlooked, lighting can add another layer of texture and soften the space. Table lamps or night lights in their favourite character or a light-reflecting chandelier will add ambience to the room.

Style it!

Now bring it all together to create a room that is truly your child’s. Here, your décor choices are endless! Accessorisewithwall shelves to create a fun vignette, or a ladder to perch their toys and books. Hooks can be used to hang whimsical wall art, garlands or framed family memories. These are all the things that put your child’s personal stamp on the room and goes a long way to creating a space they – and you – will love.

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