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The key areas everyone forgets about when building.

Finance Tips

Whether you’re new to building or you’ve done it before, there are a lot of decisions you need to make before a brick is laid. Here we talk about a couple of very practical details many people don’t give enough time to, while they’re kept busy choosing colours, carpet and curtains.

Choosing power point locations

You may be surprised what a difference this makes. We use them all day, every day for so many different appliances. Most need to be located in a place that’s convenient and easy to reach, but you also want some to be concealed or hidden behind furniture. So the first thing to do is to think about how each room will be set up, and who’s going to use it.

Also, some outlets now have USB sockets built in, so think about upgrading to these in some places to avoid the untidy build-up of large charger plugs and cords.


  • Consider a concealed power point for each large appliance you have like fridges, dishwashers and microwaves.
  • Install easy to reach ones for smaller appliances like your coffee machine, toaster and kettle.
  • If you have an island bench you’ll get a lot more use out of it if you incorporate one or two power points.

Living Room

  • Put some beside the couch for lamps and phone chargers.
  • You’ll need a few behind the TV cabinet/stand for the TV, DVD player, game consoles and speakers.
  • If you’re going to mount the TV on the wall put one up higher so you can hide the cords behind it.


  • Place your power points next to the bedside tables, and think about how many items you’ll have plugged in.
  • Be careful not to put them directly behind furniture you’ll have against the wall, as any plugs will force the furniture further out.
    Also consider if you’re going to have a TV in the bedroom.


  • You’ll always need at least one beside the vanity for hair dryers/straighteners, electrical razors, toothbrushes, etc. but remember there are restrictions on how close you can position it due to water splashing.

Home Office/Study

  • This smaller room often needs a lot of outlets for things like computers, printers, modems, chargers, lamps, music systems, and so on.


  • You’ll need some around your entertainment area for music, outdoor fridge or water feature.
  • Think about whether you’ll be lighting the garden or a pool area.
  • You’ll always need a few inside the garage or shed for using power tools and cleaning your car.

Remember to check with your builder to confirm the number of standard power points and how much it will cost for any upgrades.

Storage for now and later

We don’t often think about storage until we run out of it. Now’s the time to look into the future and consider how your life will change over the coming years. Will you have kids? Maybe a pet? Or will you start collecting things, like limited edition sneakers or snow globes? Get it right now and plan for the future, and you’ll avoid headaches and clutter.


  • A good-sized pantry for food and crockery.
  • Enough cupboards and drawers for plates, glasses, pots, pans, and smaller appliances.
  • Your kitchen is a storage area that’s in constant use, so also think about where you place the drawers and cupboards to make it easy to use.


  • Make sure you have enough hanging space and drawers for all your clothes and shoes, and if you have kids you’ll need plenty of room for toys.


  • A mix of shelves, cupboards and drawers are useful for the different uses of this essential room. Filing, stationary, old sporting trophies, gadgets, all need a place here.


  • Big spaces for vacuum cleaners, ironing boards, brooms, mops and buckets, and other large essentials.
  • Shelving for linen, cleaning products, pet food, footy boots, and everything else.

Activity Room

  • Cupboards and drawers are important to keep this main living area clutter free.
  • You’ll need space for games consoles, DVD players, music systems, plus all the games and DVDs that go with these, and then space for board games, toys and puzzles.


  • A true storage hotspot. Cupboards are handy but also large shelving systems that can take plastic storage bins are a great way to keep things safe and tidy.

We’re always happy to give you practical design options and make the best use of storage for any growing or large family. Please just ask and we can work out some great solutions with you.

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