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Myth Busting the Building Process

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A second hand car is fine, but let’s be honest, nothing beats the thrill of a brand new one. It’s the same with a house. A sparkling new kitchen, with stone benchtops and those magical soft-close drawers, takes the chore out of ‘what’s for dinner?’ Somehow Monday mornings are easier when you have a decadent ensuite and walk-in robe to get ready in. Too many of us however, continue to put up with daggy kitchens, out-dated bathrooms and poky living rooms because we’ve heard tales of how difficult building can be.

It’s time to bust some of the most common building myths.

Myth 1: Building is more expensive than buying

There’s no denying an architect-designed build overlooking Bunker Bay will make your eyes water. When you compare apples with apples however, building can come in well under buying an existing property. Take Dalyellup in South Bunbury for example, where the median price for an existing three-bedroom home is often higher than the house and land packages we have on offer. You can save big bucks by building. Our 4×2 homes also come in well under the median house price – so you can build a new home and still be below the median. And that’s before you factor in the money you could spend renovating an existing home to bring it up to date.

Myth 2: The budget always blows out

The answer to this one depends on who your builder is, and how much you can trust them. At BGC Residential South West, our experienced team have then local knowledge and expertise that means they won’t allow the budget to blow out. As part of the BGC Group – one of WA’s largest homebuilders – we have the size and strength to maximise your build budget. We deliver value no other builder can match. It also means stability. You can trust that our team will build you a quality home that’s within your budget.

Myth 3: Building is stressful

The main causes of stress when building are price blowouts, timelines being ignored, poor communication – and the big one – the builder going under. With BGC Residential South West you can relax, knowing you are protected against all these scenarios.

For starters, we are part of the BGC Group, one of WA’s largest homebuilders. With our size and strength comes certainty. As a vertically integrated company (fancy technical term for we make most of the building products your home will be built with) we have guaranteed supply of materials, so every stage is delivered on time.

While you have the backing of a big company, it will feel like you’re dealing with a small local one. As our name suggests, BGC Residential South West is based .. surprise, surprise … in the South West. It means all our people live locally and are here to keep you informed every step of the way.

Myth 4: It’s hard to get a construction loan

It’s true the banks have tightened their lending criteria recently. However, this is where our local knowledge comes into play. Our financial advisors know the suburbs the bank favour and how to help you get that all-important ‘FINANCE APPROVED’.

That thing we mentioned about being vertically integrated – it means we have our own finance company too, The Loan Co., the market leader in construction finance for first homebuyers. You’re probably much closer to owning a home than you think.

If even the thought of applying for a loan makes your head spin, relax, our finance experts will guide you through every step of the way.

With the home building myths busted, there’s no need to settle for second hand. Only one question remains. What sort of home do you want to build? We’re here to help you figure that one out too. Let’s chat.

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