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Bathroom Style – Creating Luxury for Less

Bathroom bliss on a budget

A bathroom, especially a master bathroom, is more than just a room to shower and wash your hands, it is a sanctuary away from the stress of everyday life and a place to relax and reinvigorate oneself.

Bathrooms have a huge impact on our daily routines. What other space in your home has the power to motivate you in the morning and calm you down at night? Sometimes nothing can beat sinking into a bubble bath to read a book or washing away the day’s worries under a hot shower.

So, now we’ve established how important bathrooms are, how do you go about nailing a design that reflects your personality and inspires happy feelings?

Whether it is sleek modern styling you love or rustic farmhouse details you adore, there are hundreds of different styles out there to suit your needs.

Finding the right design doesn’t mean you have to go all-out with a massive budget, however. There are a number of ways to get that high-end look without breaking the bank.
Read on to get some hot bathroom design tips that don’t come with a big price tag.

Before you get down to deciding what tiles to use and what shower to buy, check out your favourite blogs, DIY guides and social media feeds for some design inspo. There’s more information on bathroom design than ever before so take advantage and think outside the box.

Darker shades
A prominent trend making a comeback in the bathroom space is the colour black. From classic to contemporary, it has the power to heighten a once average space to a real talking point in the home. Using darker shades as a high contrast feature in a previously washed out space is a great way to achieve a more significant pop.

Depending on what brand and style you choose, tiles can quickly burn a hole in your budget if you’re going for a wall-to-floor look. One way to limit the spend here is to just have the tiling going up half the wall length, or just using them in wet areas where other materials wouldn’t be suitable. But if you’re still set on having tiles throughout, subway tiles are an inexpensive option that still look fantastic.

Bonus tip: Experiment with wallpaper in the areas that aren’t exposed to a lot of moisture. A single roll of tasteful wallpaper can offer that extra bit of pizzazz at a fraction of the price.

House plants
Indoor house plants offer a relaxing design aesthetic for when you need a bit of tranquillity in your life. Studies have proven indoor plants can reduce stress levels and boost your mood. A lot of the indoor plants you find in shops these days aren’t very hard to take care of either – most only need one cup of water a week and indirect sunlight.

Luxe out on one or two features
If budget permits, treat yourself to one or two high-end features that create the luxury feel you are looking for. Splurge on a freestanding bath, it screams luxury from any angle. You earned it!

The right lighting is key. You’ll need it to effectively carry out daily maintenance chores like shaving, applying make-up and brushing your teeth. But that doesn’t mean it has to be boring. Get a little creative and buy some chandeliers, wall lights or pendant lights to jazz things up. Avoid cold or fluorescent lighting and always prioritise design elements that maximise natural light.

Bonus tip: Mirrors add brightness to any room, so choose a mirror as large as your space permits for a bold lighting design. Pick a mirror with a little more personality to elevate the space rather than the basic square mirror.

Find some hidden gems
Head down to your local op-shop and search for some hidden treasures that will give your bathroom a unique look. Think soap dispensers, toothbrush holder, storage jars, vintage cupboards, benches and vanities. If your bathroom is large enough consider some funky seating options like a stool or ottoman.

Some parting wisdom: Once your dream bathroom design is firm in your mind, speak to some experienced tradespeople about your ideas because their advice could help you avoid some costly mistakes. Best of luck with your bathroom project.

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