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Our Story

Trusted Value. Trusted Quality

At BGC Residential South West our heart, soul and people are in the South West. However, we’re also part of something bigger – the BGC Group, so you have the security of building with one of WA’s largest homebuilders.

The BGC Group was founded by architect Len Buckeridge, who pioneered affordable housing in Western Australia. A fervent believer in the Australian dream, he was passionate about the social and economic benefits of home ownership. In his quest to make housing more affordable, he started manufacturing his own building products and construction materials. With no mark ups and middlemen, his building brands offered value that no other builders could match.

Nearly fifty years later, BGC Residential South West is delivering on Len’s vision of building homes deliver trusted value and trusted quality.


Len Buckeridge graduates as an architect. He wins best thesis with TheEconomical House


Builds thousands of low cost homes


Founds BGC to build affordable project homes


BGC starts manufacturing its own construction materials and building products to make housing more affordable


BGC Contracting founded. Expands into civil construction.


BGC Construction founded. Goes on to build Perth Arena


By the time Len Buckeridge passes away the BGC Group has a turn over of $2.5 billion and employs over 4000 people

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